Great Dr Bike Feedback!

I just thought that I would share some feedback that we received following our regular Dr Bike Cycle Surgery at Bristol University this Wednesday:

“I attended the cycle surgery today and wanted to express my appreciation for this fantastic service. The person who looked at my bike sorted out some problems I’ve been having with the bike, identified some problems that I didn’t know were there and told me things to do/look out for in future. He explained everything clearly as he went along and the information he gave me will be useful in maintaining the bike and avoid expensive problems with it in the future. I don’t find this kind of information easy to come by – it’s hard to get this kind of clear knowledge and advice from people in bike shops or friends. This service will help me to continue to cycle to campus each day and to maintain my bike. It’s great for students like me who are on a tight budget, not only because the service is free but also because of the tips on how to save money by avoiding future problems. Plus the joy of getting on the bike and realising how much more enjoyable it is to ride now the brakes and gears are working smoothly! Thanks for this service.”

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