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I got these socks recently from Bike UK on Queens Ave in Clifton. They are the excellent Sealskins waterproof socks. But what is even better is that because they are last season’s stock they are all 20% off!

I’ve had a pair before – 2 pairs actually. The first pair I washed in the washing machine on a 30 degree wash, but I guess that the thermostat on the machine wasn’t all that accurate so they got too hot and de-laminated and were only fit for the bin. A sad day. The second pair got caught on a sharp chainring and so now have a non-waterproof darned area on the lower ankle. Following these little accidents I only handwash them in cold water (infact I recommend a thin pair of socks under them so they don’t need washing every ride…) and I always make sure that they are pulled up properly!

The only problem is that it’s been so unseasonably warm and dry recently that I really don’t need any waterproof socks yet. But we all know that can’t last for ever. So when the rain and cold comes I will be one of the ones smug about my warm, dry feet.

Get down to Bike as soon as you can (before all the popular sizes go) and get 20% off some brilliant waterproof socks.

Ross Taylor
Taylored Cycles Ltd

One thought on “Sealskins Socks Bargain

  1. I used the socks for the first time this morning. It wasn’t raining, but I thought that the recent night time rain might have made the trails a bit splashy. As it turned out they were only really tested out when I hosed off my shoes while still wearing them. But them were excellent and perfectly comfortable to ride in.

    I have only had the normal, thicker, older style Sealskins socks before and I think that these newer Ultra Light ones are brilliant. They look much more like normal socks and a lot less like some thing that Nora Batty ( would have worn…

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