Up for a Leigh Woods challenge?

Strava.comRecently there has been a surge of interest about Strava.

Simply put Strava is a website that allows you to compare your speed with your friends and the world just by going for a ride wherever you like. Strava users setup timed segments and if you happen to ride the full length of one of these segments you will be placed on that leader board.

Lots of people now track their rides on their Smartphones. I use Sportstracklive but you can use anything that allows you to get a .gpx record file of your ride. If that sounds a bit scary just use Strava’s own app. I haven’t tried it but everything else of theirs that I have used looks good, so it must be OK. Once you have tracked your ride you just upload from the Strava app on your phone or upload your .gpx file to the website and Strava do the rest and tell you which segments you rode and how your times compare to how everyone else did!

I have tried setting up a couple of segments in Leigh Woods. Go and ride the Yer Tiz trail in Leigh Woods and see how you do!

This one is the first section that you ride when joining the trail from North Road after you pass through the wall. It runs until you pass the end of the 2 way section.

This one runs from the start of the section after the section involving the Keener option through to the next major fireroad crossing.

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